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Why We Do What We Do

There is really only one answer to the question of “why do we do what we do?” and it’s simply because we truly enjoy helping people. Machado Consulting is an IT company full of smart, energetic workers that love nothing more than to help people. Yes, we are a company of people that like technology and tinkering with hardware and solving complex problems. But we really love being able to solve those complex problems and explaining the latest in business technology to others. Machado Consulting is only as successful as long as our clients are successful. We don’t feel the job is done until the user having a problem is completely satisfied, until we have found the best and most cost-effective way for a company to leverage their technology to their needs, until we have recovered every last document that was accidentally deleted, and then we’ll ask if there’s anything else we can help you out with. We do this not to seek praise but because it’s the right thing to do.

We love helping people, we love being more than just your IT department.


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Currently Machado Consulting provides service to small and medium sized businesses in a wide range of industries. We cater to businesses as small as 5 employees and 2 desktops to those having over 150 employees in multiple states, several countries, and on two continents. We have helped build the infrastructure for doctor’s offices, construction companies, performance spaces, property management offices, non-profit organizations, and churches.

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Case Studies

Machado Consulting does so much more than just fix basic IT problems. We have taken on many projects of varying size that our clients have come to us with. Below please find our whitepaper to see what your dedicated IT department could be.

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In the ever expanding field of technology, it's important to establish solid partnerships to address the needs of all our clients. Flexibility is a key attribute when dealing with constant change and with our partnerships, although we're on our toes, we're very much on stable ground. Below you will see graphics for some of the fine partnerships we're proud to be associated with. Don't be surprised to find new additions down the road!