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Minimize Your Company Downtime

The IT support plan you pick when you partner with us will always include some essentials for your business. We understand that getting your issues resolved as quickly as possible is simply a must-have. Downtime is incredibly expensive, costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars per minute. It’s for this reason that our help desk technicians are always standing by to assist you. And with remote monitoring software installed on your workstations, our team can plug in to your device and help you immediately. No more playing “phone tag” with your IT support.

A proactive approach to IT is always better than a reactive one. Your workstations and servers will be proactively monitored for unnatural conditions. When is detected, an alert gets triggered that prompts our technicians to investigate. Combined with a weekly update schedule that’s built around your hours, you’ll have problems fixed before they become problems.

How many dollars every minute of downtime costs a small business.

Tech Support That Fits Your Company

  • Unlimited phone, remote, and on-site technical support available when you need it
  • Friendly, experienced technicians to help you with any issues
  • Access to easy-to-use service web portal
  • Support and protection for infrastructure, workstations, and servers
  • 24/7 application and system monitoring with real-time notifications
  • Patch management and malware scanning to keep you safe
  • Liaison for your hardware vendors, software vendors, and your ISP
  • One central point of contact to simplify the purchasing process
  • No more wasted hours spent on hold or shopping for a deal

Does Your Tech Team Catch Things Before They Break?

If not, let us show you what great tech support is like.

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