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Russ Almstrom

About Me

    • Role at Machado Consulting

      Business Development Manager

    • Education and Certifications

      M.S. Accounting

    • Experience

      10+ years of sales experience

    • Technology Specialties

      Learning more from our talented team every day!


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Russ Almstrom

Outside Work

    • One of the things I love about my job

      Meeting with clients and helping solve challenges within the company.

    • When I'm not in front of a computer, I'm found

      Hiking, running at Rutland State Park and spending time with my family

    • If I had an extra 5 hours every week

      I'd spend it with my wife and family

    • An interesting event I have participated in

      Ran a half marathon in New Hampshire



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Russ Almstrom

Want to know more?

    • If I could go anywhere for an entire month

      Beach House on Cape Cod

    • Favorite sports team

      Boston Red Sox

    • One thing I want everyone to know about Machado Consulting

      I was a client of Machado Consulting and the team was fantastic!