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Who We Are

Nerds? Geeks? Techies? Life Savers?

We are all that and so much more. We love technology and learning about the latest gizmos and gadgets that are available. Solving problems for our clients and making their lives a little less stressful is our goal every day. But more than that, we’re regular people just like you! Some of us run marathons, some of us design apps, some of us love to perform, and some of us look for any chance to get a round of 18 in.

Machado Consulting may be small but we are mighty. Our top-notch service technicians provide exceptional customer service to clients near and far. Currently, we are helping businesses in 17 states in 4 countries on 2 continents. As much as we love being a local company and being a short walk or drive to a majority of our clients, we have no problem building a new laptop for a client across the country and in a different time zone.

When you get to the bottom of it all, the real answer to “Who we are” is simple: we are people that love to help people. Machado Consulting is only as successful as long as its clients are successful. Who are we? We are more than just your IT company.

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How would you like to join a great team that encourages learning and job growth? We are always looking for new members to join our team of IT professionals. Click on the links below to see what positions we have available currently.

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