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Backup Disaster Recovery, Are You Prepared?

In the expansive world of technology relied upon within today’s business environment, are you adequately prepared for a worst case scenario? A well-executed network can be beneficial in avoiding most issues, but some can be random and unforeseen. Let’s go over how, and why, having a proper Backup Disaster Recovery Plan is important and how you can avoid potential disasters with good programs in place.


Machado Awards Q4 2015

Every quarter, Machado Consulting gives out two awards to deserving recipients for their hard work and attitude both in and out of the office. This quarter the winners are:


Stay Safe This Winter

Slowly, but surely, wintertime is upon us once again. Last year we saw what New England weather is capable of and we've collected information for your benefit this year. The following article showcases all means of contact to help you if we are to experience something similar to last year. Safe safe!


Has Microsoft Outlook been misbehaving for you this week?

Has Microsoft Outlook been misbehaving for you this week? If so, you’re not alone. As a part of Microsoft’s weekly updates, a security patch has been rolled out that is causing the crash. So far we’ve seen Windows 7 users running Office 2010/2013 are primarily affected. The triggering factor seems to be with certain emails containing external graphics and HTML.