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Windows 10 Free Upgrade to End!

When Microsoft first rolled out it's new operation system, Windows 10, they put together a great program in place allowing you to upgrade for free. Well, that upgrade is about to expire on July 29th of this year. We welcome any questions you may have on what's new in Windows 10, the benefits and more!

How Much Will It Cost?

While Microsoft hasn't come out and said definitively, we believe the price will be reflective of their retail price. Windows 10 Home to be $119.99 and Windows 10 Pro to be $199.99.

How Do I Upgrade?

You may have noticed the Windows 10 icon floating in your taskbar practically begging you to click it so you can upgrade to the newest operating system. Before clicking and upgrading give us a call! We want to make sure your upgrade goes smoothly and doesn’t cause any unwanted downtime, application errors, or data loss.

If you think you and your company may be ready to take the leap to Windows 10 please reach out to us, either by email or by calling (508) 453-4700, and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process.