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Your Employees Need Remote Solutions: Here’s How an MSP Helps

Your Employees Need Remote Solutions: Here’s How an MSP Helps

Maybe your business hasn’t made headlines quite like Twitter has. The tech giant announced that all of its employees can permanently work from home if they want to. This generous move is an anomaly for now. More likely, your business is like most others; remote work became the only option during a lockdown, and now that the lockdown is over, it’s still kicking around. 

Turns out that’s probably a good thing. It’s not crazy to think that employees who are happy are more productive, and Americans are falling for remote work. More than three-quarters say they’d like to work from home “at least occasionally.” And it’s easy to see why. Walking the dog, throwing in a load of laundry, cooking up a fresh meal—all these things are possible when you’re at home. Who doesn’t want that? 

Working from home, while desirable, presents a lot of unexpected challenges, though. For both new businesses and old, the concept can be daunting. How will employees stay on task? How will they communicate? How will they stay safe online? How, how, how

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