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The Importance of having a Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) Plan

What a weekend! We hope everyone is doing well after the heavy rain we experienced on Friday evening. We hope the same for your computer systems as well. If you have yet to implement a Backup Disaster (BDR) Recovery Plan, now may be the time to start the conversation. But where do you start? The first step is knowing what’s out there and what best suits your company’s network. Here are a couple of tips you should think about when considering what works best for you.

Elevated Server Racks

Since we just saw what the rain can do, it should be somewhat apparent what the importance of elevated server racks are. Getting a couple inches of water causes harm to your floors and walls for sure, but don’t allow it to affect your hardware. Racks are available to have all of your servers, UPS batteries, switches and the like to be elevated in the event flooding is to occur so you don’t have to walk into your server room holding your breath for a dry network.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing offers your employees access to the data they need to perform their daily tasks, even when a disaster strikes. Cloud computing is sharing applications, platform development, or computing infrastructure accessible via the internet. This means you can still share company specific applications and data while your network is being brought back up after the disaster. There are many cloud computing services available on the market and a package can be chosen to best serve your company’s needs and is integral to your Backup Disaster Recovery plan.

Off-site storage

Having your data replicated to an off-site data storage location will ensure your data is preserved and can be brought back in once new hardware is in place and systems are back up and running. Backups are always necessary for any network. You should never leave all physical backups in one location. If something were to happen at your primary location, say goodbye to all of your backups as well. When Machado Consulting comes in to bring back all of your network, an off-site backup will make the process seamless while you work off the cloud.

You may think at the end of the day “what are the chances that it’ll happen to me?” and may come out thinking the odds are quite slim. Whether it be true or not, if a disaster strikes where your data is compromised, that’s a significant amount of downtime to your company. Especially if you can’t bring that data back.

Make sure you have a plan in place to minimize downtime were an event to occur. We’ll be happy to discuss the process and options out there to best protect you. Contact us here, and someone will be ready to speak with you.

Be Safe!

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