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Bradley Card

About Me

    • Position/Role at Machado Consulting

      Technical Consultant

    • Hometown

      Worcester, MA

    • Education

      Assumption College - Political Science
      Honors certificate in the Foundations of Western Civilization

    • Experience

      Completed two terms with AmeriCorps with one year as team leader in FEMA Corps program


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Bradley Card

Outside Work

    • One of the things I love about my job

      It's day #1 and I already feel welcomed

    • When I'm not in front of a computer, I'm found

      At the cafe, playing board/card games, longboarding and cooking

    • If I had an extra 5 hours every week

      I'd be more productive and much more well rested

    • My first experience with a computer was

      A custom built whitebox PC with Windows 3.1, a Sound Blaster 32 ISA card, and CD-ROM



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Bradley Card

Want to know more?

    • If I could go anywhere for an entire month

      Bari, Italy to visit the cousins

    • Favorite Sports Teams

      I'm a huge fan of sportball!

    • An interesting event I have participated in

      Worcester Hot Dog Safari

    • Technology Specialties