Your Employees Need Remote Solutions: Here’s How an MSP Helps

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These are great questions, though a better question might be, How can an MSP help me out? No doubt, you’ll want to hear the answer.

Short Term 

In the simplest terms, managed services can help your remote workforce a lot. Right now, you might be stuck in the uncomfortable position of having a patchwork work-from-home policy left over from when you had to cobble something together overnight. Things didn’t really work out in the beginning, and they never really panned out, leaving the remote employees without adequate tools to get the job done. That’s no good for anyone.

 But with the proper resources, remote work can be a boon to any business since it keeps employees happy and productive, allowing them to keep serving their clients and helping the company grow. It’s time to solve the challenges of your remote workforce.

Here’s a list of challenges you might face in the short term and how an MSP can lend a hand:

  • No laptops, cameras, or other devices: An MSP likely has a network of vendors it routinely works with and orders from. In addition to discounts, an MSP may get first ‘dibs’ because of its relationships with sellers. And because they help businesses constantly, they can offer advice on what tech you need and don’t need.
  • Weak communication: An MSP excels in helping employees collaborate and communicate. While they often don’t often make the easy-to-use software that remote teams depend on, they can purchase licenses, help with installation, and offer innovative solutions like VoIP (What’s VoIP?)
  • Poor endpoint security: Data breaches are a very real possibility when you have employees crossing work and personal devices, using public WiFi networks, and failing to continuously patch and update their devices. Remote maintenance tools (like our own MachadoConnect) provide an easy way to overcome these weaknesses and keep your data secure.
  • Vulnerable networks: MSPs typically pride themselves in being experts in secure networking. Solutions like VPNs can quickly be implemented to pave the way for uninterrupted, secure work done from home. MSPs can also oversee your current infrastructure and policies, determining the best ways to keep your online work totally encrypted.

Long Term 

As your business looks ahead to the future, remote work will likely be a legacy that COVID-19 leaves behind. It’s best to see this as a good thing. Even as disaster strikes the globe, there are some things to be thankful for. One is the fact that your business is still operating. Another is how you now has an opportunity like never before to change for the better. As businesses around the world transform, the things you’ve always wanted to change about your company but never thought them possible—well, now they could be. The metal is hot, and it’s time to strike.

Keeping remote work around for good is one excellent choice. You’d be joining the countless Worcester companies and organizations that are joining in seizing the opportunity.

Here’s how an MSP can help you long-term with your remote workforce:

  • No work from home policy: If you had to implement a patchwork system in the short-term and never got around to fixing it, it’s time to ask for help. Even if you think things are going okay, there could easily be ways to crank up efficiency, sponsor communication, and secure connections. Your MSP will discover these for you and offer opportunities for change.
  • No data backups: As one of the strongest defenses against malware and ransomware, backups and disaster recovery solutions are the tool you’d be foolhardy to enter the long term without. As COVID-19 showed us all, the unexpected can happen at any time. Be ready.
  • Untrained employees: Surprisingly, your employees are actually one of your biggest security flaws. Training them to recognize phishing attacks and other scams as well as how to practice the best security measures in the industry is essential to keeping the business safe in the long-term.

What’s My Next Step?

And don’t think that the benefits end there. These are just a few of the important ways working with an MSP can help your remote workforce and your business as a whole in the short-term and the long-term. It’s never too late to get some help with your IT, but it’s best to do it before the next crisis.

If you’d like to see some other ways MSPs can make your business headaches go away, check out what else we’ve shared on our blog. Where are the holes in your cybersecurity? We also recommend you check out some of the easy cybersecurity solutions for your employees, both remote workers and on-site ones.

We’re here to help you through these hard times. We try not to see 2020 as a terrible year but rather as a chance to grow. Lives are on the line, and we need to play it safe, but a rapidly transforming business landscape bound to stick around for years to come isomething to be hopeful about.

We can help your business with its newly evolved remote workforce, and we’d love to show you how. Please contact us at here or by calling (508) 453-4700.


Maybe your business hasn’t made headlines quite like Twitter has. The tech giant announced that all of its employees can permanently work from home if they want to. This generous move is an anomaly for now. More likely, your business is like most others; remote work became the only option during a lockdown, and now that the lockdown is over, it’s still kicking around.

Turns out that’s probably a good thing. It’s not crazy to think that employees who are happy are more productive, and Americans are falling for remote work. More than three-quarters say they’d like to work from home “at least occasionally.” And it’s easy to see why. Walking the dog, throwing in a load of laundry, cooking up a fresh meal—all these things are possible when you’re at home. Who doesn’t want that?

Working from home, while desirable, presents a lot of unexpected challenges, though. For both new businesses and old, the concept can be daunting. How will employees stay on task? How will they communicate? How will they stay safe online? How, how, how?


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