The Tech You Need to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Best Practices, Lifestyle

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New Year’s resolution goals can range anywhere from getting fit to creating a better budget or even learning a new language. But it may be tricky to accomplish these goals without the proper assistance. So, what can help you keep up with your goals? Try technology! It is all around us and is improving every day.

Resolutions are all about striving to improve something, like stopping your procrastination habits. These goals don’t always have to be personal goals; they can be goals for your business or your employees. In this case, it may seem even harder to stick to your resolutions without a bit of guidance. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the tech you’ll need to achieve your personal or business resolutions.

Mona Bushnell with Business News Daily has a great list of apps for people who are trying to better themselves in the new year. Some of these apps include:


MyFitnessPal is a leading app in personal health and fitness. Users can log all of the food that they eat each day into a diary. Based on their current weight, goal weight, and activity level, the app calculates how many calories they should be eating in a day. Users have the option to log physical activity such as cardio or weight training, and the calories burnt will be factored into their goal calories for the day. MyFitnessPal also lets you set goals for macronutrients and even monitor how much water you drink per day. All of these features come free with the app. The best part is, the app rewards you for logging in and making a food journal entry each day. This can help even the most stubborn of procrastinators stay on track.


Mint is THE free persona finance tool for those who need a little guidance. The app lets you connect all of your online finance accounts as well as check your credit score and estimate your net worth. Mint automatically pulls data from your past few months’ spending habits to analyze and interpret. Right form the get go, it can tell you what you’ve been doing with your money. For some of us, this might be the shock we need to get back on track and fulfill our more positive New Year’s resolutions. is a leading habit tracking app that can help you start a new business, change careers, or just create better routines. Here’s how it works: You set your initial goals or habits that you want to track. Then, you get a start fresh every day and you check-in the goals you successfully accomplished. You string together a streak so long as you check-in every day, and you can monitor your progress in a long-term calendar view. Personal coaching is also available at $100/month and up for when you need (and can afford) an extra kick in the rear to stay on track. It’s worth noting that says 90% of their tools are completely free.


Happify is another habit tracking app, but unlike, this one focuses on training its users to overcome negativity, decrease anxiety and stress, build mindfulness, and gain confidence. Exercises include guided meditations, reflections, and relaxations. In essence, it is a research-supported program designed to improve your mental health. For those of us struggling with mental illnesses or similar issues, tackling New Year’s resolutions can seem monstrously tough. Apps like Happify can provide a needed boost to get them done. Alternatively, participating in the activities itself could be your New Year’s resolution.


Babbel is an inexpensive language-learning app that attempts to teach you phrases and vocabulary that will actually be useful in the real world. Lessons are broken up into just five– or ten-minute increments. Content is useful and challenging, and they currently offer lessons for thirteen different languages. Learning a new language is an ambitious task, but nothing is impossible with enough commitment. And hey, you could use to keep you on track with your lessons every day!

Managed Service Providers (MSP)

While not an app or a piece of software, managed service providers are a tool for your growing small business, if you have one. When you partner with a managed service provider, you instantly gain access to their expertise, resources, and dynamic tools for growth. Monitoring workstations, improving cybersecurity, switching to the cloud, ensuring your business is compliant, helping your employees work from home—you name it.

Whatever you’re planning to do for your New Year’s resolutions, there is tech that will help you stick to it. Since we carry our phones with us everywhere, apps are the handiest tools. Don’t overlook the big picture though. If your business is on your mind this year, working with a company that’s More Than Your IT Department could be just the tech-related move you needed.


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