Ransomware Hits 100+ Dental Offices in Colorado

by | Dec 13, 2019 | Cybersecurity

1 min read

Another managed IT Service provider has fallen victim to a cyber-attack affecting 100+ clients. MSPs remain a target for ransomware due to controlling and managing many networks. The Colorado IT provider chose not to pay the $700K ransomware, something the FBI recommends since the payment does not guarantee proper decryption and complicates the crime. Some victims, however; did not take that advice and ended up paying the ransom to end up with a “decryption key that only unlocked some of the scrambled files.”


A few concerns that this incident raises are MSPs lack of proper security, as well as not providing backed up solutions to clients. With appropriate data solutions, the situation would have been as simple as recovering data with no payments. According to the article, “The most important thing for these offices is how fast can you solve their problems, and not necessarily the security stuff behind the scenes until it matters.” Remember, the first step of defense against cyber-attacks is to prevent them with proper protection.

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