Newspapers Across the United States are the Latest to be Hit by Malware

by | Dec 31, 2018 | Cybersecurity

1 min read

Over the weekend, a form of ransomware hit major US news outlets, labeled as “Ryuk”, and is causing major disruptions to their printing schedules and affecting the published information. Tribune publishing detected malware on its servers on Friday which had spread through the company’s network for multiple newspapers that shared Tribune’s platform. Ryuk was recognized due to the corrupted files with a signature extension “.ryk.” The news outlets in questions include well-known names such as the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun, and San Diego Union-Tribune.

Tribune CEO Justin Dearborn states the malware attack did not compromise the credit card information or other personal data of customers. However, the purpose of the attack remains unclear. It appears that eh intention was to disable servers, not to steal data.

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