Netflix users be on alert for latest email scam

by | Jan 12, 2017 | Lifestyle

1 min read

With Netflix now exceeding 75 million subscribers, it’s hard to deny how ubiquitous the service has become. It’s no surprise there’s a new phishing scam targeting Netflix users. The goal of the phishing scam is to obtain your credit card and personal information. As a rule of thumb, always be cautious when dealing with your personal information online!

How does it work?

What happens is you’ll receive an email, including a link, asking you to log into your Netflix account. Once you do this, another page will appear requesting users to reveal their name, date of birth and address. That’s all the scammers will need in order to get bank information. Once all the information is handed over to the scam, it’ll then redirect to the real Netflix page. Pretty sneaky.


Are you at risk?

Security site, FireEye reported that the phishing websites were no longer active but users are still being warned to avoid any suspicious emails asking for personal detail that appear to be sent from Netflix. When using email, always locate the senders address and make sure it appears to be legitimate. If you click on the link and are being prompted to update any information, make sure it’s affiliated with the domain.


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