How to Show Your Family, Clients and Employees You Care

by | Feb 20, 2018 | Business, Communication, Lifestyle, Managed IT Services

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Valentine’s Day has come and gone and though it’s certainly fitting to fuss over your true love with big red hearts, long-stemmed roses, confectionary delights, and romantic greeting cards, you can also capture the essence of this special day for other special people in your life as well. We decided to put together a little list of ideas that you can pass on to your loved ones but also to you clients and employees as well.

  1. Host an Ice Cream Sundae Bar: Cake is great, but an ice cream sundae bar is epic. Building it is half the fun, which is why an ice cream bar will take your average party into something no one will forget. A few decorations and a lot of toppings will make your guests so happy, they’ll scream for ice cream! Read on for some fun and whimsical ideas. Read More
  2. Corporate Chair Massage: The benefits of corporate massage are far reaching for employees and employers alike. If you’re thinking about bringing chair massage into the office, you probably want to know what the benefits of chair massage might look like for your office. Read More
  3. Plan a Family Weekend Getaway: Get a away with your loved ones for a weekend and enjoy being out of the office. But how to you get all the plans together? click here to find out.
  4. Plan a Movie Night: This year is shaping up to be a cracker. Here are the 18 upcoming movies people most excited about. Read More
  5. Host a Game Day/Night: Whether you’re in the office, or at home with family, it’s always fun to get a little competition going on. Break out the board games, the video games or card games!

Need some more ideas?

Here we have a great list of 15 ways you can show your family you love them. Enjoy!

Click here


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