How to Prioritize Your Upcoming Technology Implementations

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Business Solutions

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When an organization invests in new technology, it can be a great refresher for your processes and your business. Unfortunately, no technology lasts forever. You may have noticed that some of your systems are less effective than they once were, and that your competition seems to be playing with a different set of rules. Sounds like it’s time for an upgrade.

Why Upgrades Can’t Be Avoided Indefinitely

Despite being in a technology career, I understand how frustrating it can be when something doesn’t work as expected. Unfortunately, the nature of the beast means that your technology needs to be regularly monitored and maintained.

How to Determine Which Upgrade Should Come Next

There are a few considerations to balance when you have to plan out your upgrade strategy. Your upgrades need to be implemented based on a unified principle…. Otherwise, your implementation will likely grow disorganized and fail.

As a result, it is crucial that you rally your modernization efforts behind one of these principles.

1. Simplified Design

Older IT systems have a few shared traits. Not only were these systems often a mixed conglomeration of different technologies and the accompanying considerations, they were also designed with a very modular focus – one or two processes could run very smoothly, but only as long as the business’ focus didn’t shift.

Modern systems are a little different. Not only are they largely built based on standardized languages and components, they can therefore be leveraged to use application programming interfaces (or APIs) to get your different IT components to play nicely with one another. Going further, modern systems can also leverage advanced processes, like artificial intelligence and machine learning. These capabilities allow users to complete their tasks more quickly, improving productivity and keeping employees happy by providing them with technology that ‘learns’ their habits.

2. Prioritization of User Benefits and Value

Consider the capabilities (and limitations) of your current technology. Are you able to provide the highest level of value to your customers and clients by leveraging the solutions you currently have? How might that be affecting your bottom line?

Are you utilizing automation whenever possible? If not, you’re going to find it difficult to increase employees’ productivity. It is critical that your IT solutions deliver value to your users that they can translate into operational benefits.

3. Compliance to Company Culture

When determining the technology upgrade policy that will best benefit your business, it can be valuable to consider how that technology will fit into your company’s internal culture. You should also ensure that your staff is prepared to incorporate the changes you have planned. Early, clear and consistent communication goes a long way to help your staff feel ready and motivated to learn and implement the newest tech.

Find the employees who are most accepting of these changes and utilize them as a source of information. Are there any concerns that haven’t reached the ears of management? Leveraging these employees to gauge the actual culture within your company will help to inform your choices regarding an effective technology upgrade.

Making Your Technology Implementations Happen

For more help in determining what your most crucial technology needs are, reach out to Machado Consulting. We can help you to select the solutions that will have the most effect on your business. Give us a call at (508) 453-4700 to learn more.


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