How to Cross One Thing off Your Bucket List This Year (and Why You Should)

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Lifestyle

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Even if you don’t have a bucket list, you may know somebody who does. A bucket list is a running list of experiences or achievements someone wishes to accomplish during their lifetime. The fun thing about bucket lists is that everyone’s is different, and when people talk about them, they can get very passionate.

Bucket list items can include goals related to traveling, fitness, hobbies, personal development, education, finance, business, and much more.

Bucket list items don’t have to be anything drasticjust something that makes you feel accomplished or more fulfilled. The most important thing when it comes to bucket lists is to not compare yourself to others. Life is not measured by how many places you’ve traveled to or how many hobbies you have; it is measured by how happy these things make you.

If you don’t already have a bucket list, the new year is as good a time as any to make one. These tips are a good place to start when looking to make your own personalized bucket list. You want to start small and then build up to the big adventures on your mind. These are things that you’ve always dreamed of doing but never gotten around to.

Here are some ways you can come up with ideas to add to your bucket list:

Start with something easy to accomplish
  • Easy to accomplish goals could be to read that book you bought but haven’t touched since you put it on the shelf. Another goal to add to your list could be to solve a Rubik’s cube. These are small, easy to accomplish tasks that you will be proud to have checked off your list!


Add things you’ve wanted to do since you were a kid
  • This may include being a princess or going to space. This may sound silly to you as an adult, but think about what that could translate into now – you could go to a spa where they make you feel like a princess or visit a space simulator that makes you feel like you are on a spaceship.


Throw in some mainstream ideas (some of them are worth it!)
  • These could include swimming with dolphins, going on a road trip, or maybe visiting a winery in Italy. Whatever it may be, have fun while doing it!


Got some outoftheordinary hobbies you’re interested in? Add those too!
  • Who cares what others think? This bucket list is for you to enjoy and create new memories even if it is learning to ride a mechanical bull, collecting coins, or trying exotic foods.


Make sure you get the full experience
  • Don’t go into something if you aren’t going to do it to the fullest. If you travel to a place you’ve always dreamed about, make sure to visit every place you can and emerge yourself into the culture and get the full experience of visiting that place.


Ask friends and family for suggestions
  • Many people might skip this step, but hey, sometimes other people have some pretty good ideas that you may be thanking them for later.


Make sure to have variety
  • Don’t just focus on traveling or getting fit; try a little bit of everything that life offers.


Don’t feel pressured to complete everything; just do what makes you happy
  • If you feel as though you don’t have enough time to complete everything, make a schedule and plan to cross one thing off your bucket list per year whether it be big or small.


Creating new memories and experiences is one of the joys of life! Don’t be afraid to get out there and see the world. There is so much to explore!

Even if it seems impossible to check anything off your list because of COVID-19, add some things that you can do safely at this time. An idea could be learning to cook your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant at home. Another could be getting outside and walking every day. Maybe even make a New Year’s resolution to check at least one thing off of your bucket list each year. That way, if you accomplish anything else on the list, it will be a big achievement.

Here at Machado Consulting, we believe in having fun—working hard, playing hard, and injecting a little weirdness into each day. “Fun” is actually one of our core values! This idea of making bucket lists aligns perfectly with that value. If you’re already working hard, why not go out and have a little fun too?


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