Are You Getting the Most out of Your Website?

by | Feb 12, 2020 | Business Solutions

2 min read

There are many considerations to make when thinking about your website—which you need to have, by the way, in order to keep any sort of relevance. People are so plugged in nowadays that not having an online presence is akin to not existing at all. That presence should do more than just let people know you exist; it’s a reflection of the business itself, and it should be professional. Your website should help you advance your organization’s goals, be it raising revenue or awareness.

Experts from Forbes Tech Council recently gave some of their recommendations on how to make this happen with your site—especially on mobile devices. Most of what they advised was related to optimization. This includes ease of use for customers, easy action options, speed, a streamlined customer experience, a layout that works on all screens, and customized content.

The advice that stood out the most, though, was to hire experienced web developers.

“Mobile site development is not something to be taken lightly,” says the article. “Companies should not place this burden on inexperienced developers. They must hire front-end developers who can fully unleash the capabilities of HTML5, CSS, jQuery, and selected JavaScript frameworks.”

Is your website doing the most it could for you? This an important question; your website exists to help you stand out, so you don’t want it to be a chameleon. Worse than blending in is standing out for the wrong reasons, which is what can happen with embarrassing, preventable mistakes.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. What do you think of your website? Be honest. Is it optimized and attractive? Does it engage and impress? Or is it outdated, clunky, or inconvenient? Was it great five years ago but now barely works on mobile devices today?

Need help building, designing, and maintaining a professional site? Follow the experts’ advice. Don’t rely on inexperienced developers for an element so essential to your success. Ask the trusted professionals at Machado Consulting who know how to treat you like part of a team. We look forward to earning your long-term business. Contact us here or by phone at (508) 453-4700.


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