3 Questions To Determine The Best Tech for Your Company

by | Apr 22, 2019 | Business Solutions

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If you’re trying to address a pain point or a vulnerability in your company, technology will play a role in solving it. But, with so many options available for every aspect of your business, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

You can begin to assess what your organization needs, by answering the three questions below.

Question #1: Do You Have the Right Technology to Fit your Business’ Needs?

Are you able to efficiently produce your products/services using the IT you have in place today? If the answer is no, then you absolutely need to consult with one of our technicians.

If the answer is yes, that is great! However, you may be surprised to learn about the productivity-enhancing benefits that can come with even small improvements to your IT. Often, our technicians find that businesses are using antiquated hardware and software, paying too much for their services, or not proactively managing their company’s IT, leading to costly downtime and inefficiency. This leads us to our second question:

Question #2: Are Your Servers, Workstations, End Points, Networking, and Security Being Maintained?

You may have a home computer that you don’t manage. You turn it on when you need to use it, and you don’t worry about how efficiently it is running, until it begins to stall, applications close for no apparent reason, and its overall performance starts to lag. Expecting someone to excel for your company on computers (or other devices) that don’t work properly is like asking a lumberjack to do his job with a steak knife. It is crucial to make sure that all of your organization’s workstations, servers, and other hardware are properly maintained, and that the software tools you rely on are patched and up to date.

It typically takes a certain degree of experience to gain the practical knowledge needed to do a job proficiently. Managing technology is no different. You have to know when to move away from a certain technology, when to embrace others, and just about everything about these complex systems in order to keep them well-maintained and working for your business. Remember AOL? In retrospect, they should have used their profits to update to broadband. They didn’t and now we’re asking if you remember them. Discerning which technology to use and which to ditch can make or break a business.

Question #3: Do You Have Access to the Knowledge Your Business Needs?

What hardware do you have? What software do you use? How much do you spend on downtime a month? How much do you spend in printing costs? What is your data backup and retrieval process? Unearth the answers to these questions and if you need help, call Machado Consulting.

When a business owner comes to see us about their technology, we don’t immediately jump into the sales process. The first thing we do is ask questions. Sometimes we do a complete network and infrastructure assessment before we even start to talk about selling anything to you. Our business technology expertise is based on a knowledge of these systems, and finding solutions to problems; and, rest assured, if yours is like many businesses we encounter, you have complications that you don’t even consider to be problems.

Call us today at (508) 453-4700 to have a conversation about your current technology and let us help you run your business as efficiently as possible.


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