Alex Milburn | Who We Are


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Machado Consulting

About Me

    • Position/Role at Machado Consulting

      Creative Technologist

    • Hometown

      Clinton, Massachusetts

    • Education

      Westfield State College

    • Websites I Frequent

      Yahoo (Fantasy Sports), Facebook, Imgur


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Outside Work

Alex is largely an outdoorsman once he steps out of the office for the day. Given the opportunity, you can find him on the golf course on any given weekend. Otherwise, you'll have to take a peek below to better understand the life of Alex outside the office.

    • Places I've Been

      Canada, Jamaica, Spain, Florida Keys, Southwest

    • Hobbies

      Golf, Soccer, Photography, Photoshop, Music

    • Favorite TV Shows

      The Wire, The Sopranos, The Newsroom, True Detective, Sportscenter, Seinfeld, The Office

    • Favorite Movies

      Dumb and Dumber, Training Day, Animal House, The Life Aquatic, Batman, The Departed



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Want to know more?

    • What's on my iPod

      Absolutely everything

    • Last Book I Read

      Most likely a cook book.

    • Wild Card

      I'm a dual citizen of Canada

    • Favorite Sports Teams

      All the Boston teams: Pats, Sox, Bruins, Celtics